Searching For An Idol: Look At The Mirror First.


Who is an idol? What comes to your mind when you think of your idol? conference 2705706 1920 300x200 - Searching For An Idol: Look At The Mirror First.

A successful person, or maybe someone who achieved so many things in life. Let’s see what it actually is.

A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved or revered. This is a basic definition of the word.

In common words something or someone we see as an admiration. Also, sometimes try to be like them.

You might always try to find some live inspiration at the time of your failure or success. And because of which you try to look for that in someone else.

It is good to get inspired by people. But when you think about the idol, think twice. It means that you know each and every fact about that thing or person.

There is no one who is totally understandable to you or anyone else in this world. Something will be left from the stories of others which you might not have thought of. light bulb 3104355 1920 300x169 - Searching For An Idol: Look At The Mirror First.

And the one whom you totally know is “YOU”. You know about that journey more than anyone. Experienced each and every obstacle of it. Those experiences are never forgotten.

What you have achieved is more than an inspiration. There are certain people who are better.
But don’t try to compete with them try to compete with yourself.

Apply these:


Think about the failures and success.

Appreciate yourself every day.

Always think how you are doing better each day.

Get inspired by what you have done.


While searching for hard work of others. I think you forget your own existence.

No one in this world can be same as someone. say yes to the live 2121044 1920 300x225 - Searching For An Idol: Look At The Mirror First.

Appreciating someone is applauded. But making their life story yours is wrong.

When I think of idol I try to imagine my own picture. And there is a reason for that. Yes, I have done something to think myself at that place in my head.

I would really like to tell you that it is important to do such things in life by which you could call yourself as your own idol.



Look in the mirror each and every day. And say yes you are my idol to the one standing in front. And I m competing people 3224723 1920 300x249 - Searching For An Idol: Look At The Mirror First.with you.

That’s where your actual journey of an idol will begin.

The day you say these words to yourself. The world will change for you.

Inspiration then will be within not in others.

An idol definition “Let’s improve today so, tomorrow could be better and yesterday couldn’t be regretted”.