Circle Of Change


Change in the environment will only bring the change in you. Change is the most natural process in everyday life. It leads to the various experiences of life. It is an art which makes you more experienced with each day you improve and encourage yourself to do more.

Change is a journey for me too we. As we pass through the different phase of our life, we realize that everything happened was for good. And should have happened and if that phase didn’t come to us we could never be where we are. Here I am not talking about all the good things in life only, also about the hard situations. th2QP4P2Z3 300x178 - Circle Of Change

Robin Sharma has said in his book (little black book for stunning success) that “THE HARDER THE SITUATION, THE MORE GROWTH THERE IS AVAILABLE TO YOU IF YOU LOOK FOR IT”.

So, you see it’s about you and you have to identify how these changes help in life. Talking about our daily routine we meet so many people, few of them are new to us and others might be our friend. Both of them impact us equally and give a very different perspective from ours. It can be good or bad, whatever it is it will always help you in your life. If it’s good then it’s totally fine to go for it and if it’s bad and you try it no problem at all it will give you a lesson to deal with such situations.

“Change is like water which can never be still, you can see through it and it will make you even better and clearer.”thZD0YML32 - Circle Of Change

Change a journey to life

Starting from the beginning, when we are born we change the lives of so many people without doing anything by ourselves and we didn’t even realize that. As we start growing up, we learn and also, we teach so many things to the people around us. To our mother, father, teacher, family, and friends. We ask and we give answers, repeat our mistakes, realize what’s best for us and discover something which we never thought of. redorange logo 1200x1200  300x300 - Circle Of Change

After reading the above paragraph you will realize that with each small step lies a big change. Accepting the fact that nothing in this world is constant and everything keeps on changing. To go with that change, to move with that flow and accept it as a milestone in life will bring you the great achievement for yourself.thX52PUP6Z 300x180 - Circle Of Change

Lastly, I have a question for you, think about it and also reply in the comments section:

Which statement do you agree with?

The only thing that is constant is change.


The only thing that is inconstant is change.