Experimenting Is Better Than The Fear Of Failing.

Fear to fail

We always have that fear whenever we go for any new project. Anything which is a bit different from our knowledge. We think less about experimenting and keep thinking about the fear. We keep the same fact in mind. We are always afraid of the fact that our experiment could be a waste of time.

And because of that fear we keep discouraging ourselves. We don’t let ourselves do what we are capable of. Everything we find across has gone through a lot of experiment.
There are so many projects that fail. But that doesn’t mean the research discontinues. It will continue until and unless the best results come up. If the research would not have continued maybe Newton couldn’t find about gravity. So, the point is there is no shame in failing.build future on mistakes so you dont crave for one. 300x169 - Experimenting Is Better Than The Fear Of Failing.

“Failing is always an option but falling is not.”

Sometimes you may have tried to keep your work to yourself just because of the embarrassment you would face. Let me tell you that you should never regret your work. Those are the real contribution to your life. You have lived those experiments. And that’s what makes you different from others.

Learn from failure

Always let people know about your experiments. Those who are willing to listen to you. Let them understand what you have actually done. It’s not always about achievements. I mean I know that it is the most important goal of our lives. But more than that is the way we achieve it.

Make that failure a lesson of your life. Learn from those experiments. Whenever you have that thought, I cannot. Ask yourself 100 of times is it really something I cannot. Because there is nothing which you can’t do.

It might take time; some experiments might fail but that doesn’t mean you have failed.Never let yourself fail just because of a small mistake. Those mistakes are the stairs to your success. And I hope you would never want to miss one.