Tough Times? 5 Things To Remind Yourself.

Tough Times
Tough Times

Tough times doesn’t last for long. Each stage in life has its own lesson. You might have come across situations where a selfless kind of feeling might have raised.

Not believing in yourself and getting confused in every decision of yours.

If you don’t find yourself dealing with these situations, there is no problem with that. It happens to everyone.

We all have tough times. It’s just that how do we deal with it is different for all of us.

Here are 5 things to tell yourself in tough times:

I can do it.

you can do it

This one sentence can at least bring some amount of strength in you.

Where ever you are whenever you are stuck just tell this one sentence to your inner self.

Don’t run just face it.

You will never find a solution in your tough times unless you face them.

Never run from it. Rather face those circumstances and try to give all you can.


“Tough times measure the size of the accomplishment; let that drive push you to make it happen.”

― Napz Cherub Pellazo

I will crawl but will not stop. steps 388914 1920 300x200 - Tough Times? 5 Things To Remind Yourself.

Don’t let anything stop you. If you can’t run then walk and if you can’t walk then crawl, but don’t stop.

Ask yourself what can I take a few baby steps or not. And then go for it. Slowly and steadily.

This is the best teacher.

Tough times always teaches the best lesson. It’s just that we only realize it when it’s gone. anchor chain 2352627 1920 300x225 - Tough Times? 5 Things To Remind Yourself.

And we have learned a lot from it.

Look at companies like Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and there are many more to name. None of them have become such a giant success without facing tough times.

But they dealt with it and learned from their experiences.


“Tough times don’t define you, they define you. ‪”
― Carlos A. Rodriguez

All this will pass.

Nothing lasts forever. The good times and tough times all have its part to play in our life. Always prepare yourself by saying one thing.  emotions 371238 1920 300x175 - Tough Times? 5 Things To Remind Yourself.

“Nothing remains constant. It is all going to change.” 

Sometimes people get so demotivated in their hard times that they start to accept it as a forever reality. But that’s not true. Work hard and believe in yourself all this will pass.


I always tell myself these 5 things. Yes, it takes time to deal with it. youth 570881 1920 300x200 - Tough Times? 5 Things To Remind Yourself.

But it gives a lot more strength and power to me. Be your own version remind yourself daily each day has its own challenges.

Today I am going to learn, experience and grow from that challenge.

Those tough times wouldn’t last for long. If you keep these thoughts you will definitely pass through it happily.