Your Words Can Affect Your Personality.

sculpture 2209152 1920 300x200 - Your Words Can Affect Your Personality.Sometimes our words are more expressive in terms of our personality. What you say can show what you are?       

When people talk to each other. They set a character of a particular person in their mind. While talking they realize how this person is.

There are times when you are rude to people those words of yours can change the whole perception of your image. Its always said that we should spell out good things.

Not only to make others happy but to make ourselves much happier. 


Talking positively with others is very important as it would help you show a good personality.

By talking positively, I don’t mean you to be a double-faced person. Rather be a focused and positive to everyone. 

Let’s assume that you don’t like a person. Still don’t be aggressive towards him/her. Try to keep your pace normal so that your personality is not affected.

Why only positive personality? woman 3083379 1920 300x200 - Your Words Can Affect Your Personality.

The positive thoughts and expressions will help you develop internally.

More than that it will help you to be more mature with your words.

Boarding school story

When I was in boarding school I didn’t realize how I made friends. It was so different.

I remember when I had conversation with people there for the first time.  people 2567915 1920 300x200 - Your Words Can Affect Your Personality.

Everybody sounded different and it was like an unacceptable environment. And now is the time those friends are more than family.  

That happened for the first time because I judged them first and then tried to understand them.

So that is what most people do, don’t be most people.

I would also suggest you as a listener. That try to not judge them on your first interaction. Rather give them some time and then come out with a perception.

A friend on office meeting

One of my friend had a meeting in his company. The clients were not from the same country. So, he had to do everything to make his clients more comfortable. He did all arrangements and everything very nicely.  listen 1702648 1920 300x200 - Your Words Can Affect Your Personality.

And the meeting also went very well. But at the time of leaving the clients specially mentioned. “It was your way of attending us that made us more interested towards your company.” 

He had a very good personality and he always said to me. Whatever the situation comes I try to be calm and then act accordingly.

What you do comes back to you. In the same manner what you say positive or negative it will come back and affect you.