How Money Makes You Wealthy And Rich?

Money is something, we all need at our various expectation level. money

It is that one thing which fulfills all our needs and desires. The thought of having it makes us happier in our minds.

But have you ever had a thought that money can make you evil? Or maybe ‘Oh why am I thinking about money all the time I am not going to have that much.’

If you ever thought like this I must say that you should change your idea of having it.

Need of money

Ask yourself a question why do I want it? money 1428594 1920 300x200 - How Money Makes You Wealthy And Rich?

Yes, you might think to achieve all your dreams and desire. They can be achieved but do you actually think there is a full stop to your dreams or your desire?

No, right no one has that. If that would have happened.

The richest person on the planet would have stopped earning and taken a leave forever. piggy 2889046 1920 300x180 - How Money Makes You Wealthy And Rich?

The actual and the most important reason to have it is to be happy, live in peace and with joy and to be loved. So that’s what your main aim should be.

Chase for money but understand the reason behind it. Set your goals. Understand why it is useful in your life.

If you want to be the richest person in the world go for it. Because that’s what you want.

Have a plan to achieve it. And when you know that yes ‘I can do this’ you will definitely achieve it.

Money doesn’t destroy

Never ever think that it will destroy you. It is not money which destroys you or anyone who does.

It’s us and only we puzzle 2500328 1920 300x158 - How Money Makes You Wealthy And Rich?can destroy ourselves.

It’s just that we need to blame someone or something for it. Always know the right way to use it. You may become rich.

But until and unless you don’t know how to deal with that.

All that money would go in a second.


There would be obstacles to achieve it. Because nothing comes to life so easily as it goes. money 2180330 1920 300x200 - How Money Makes You Wealthy And Rich?

You have to be wise and tough at the same time.

Always think of what you want to be. Think about the position you want to be on. And create a picture in your mind. A very common exercise but works commendably.

A true dedication and a lot of hard work will bring you everything you have thought of.


How you motivate yourself towards MONEY?